BTS’s J-Hope And TXT’s Taehyun Share More Of Their Wholesome Friendship Online And MOARMY Can’t Get Enough

“Hobi hyung!” 🥺

Over the years, BTS‘s J-Hope and TXT‘s Taehyun have grown a strong and endearing friendship. Starting with J-Hope reaching out to offer his advice as a rising artist to Taehyun, the two have grown closer than ever and are constantly supporting each other.

I contact J-Hope frequently. We talk about productive questions regarding our career as artists.

— Taehyun

Always offering a helping hand, J-Hope is always there with his support…

…and Taehyun couldn’t be more appreciative of his hyung‘s guidance!

Once told he was just like J-Hope during a photoshoot with his skill and versatility, he couldn’t wait to tell him about the compliment.

Most recently, the two have shared another wholesome moment — and this time, it’s online for everyone to see! Just a few hours after the premiere of TXT’s brand new music video “Good Boy Gone Bad” music video, J-Hope took to Instagram to voice his praise for the young ones.

Have strength, little bros👍

— J-Hope

When an excited fan of both groups, referred to as a MOARMY, told Taehyun the news via Weverse, he excitedly gushed about his friendship with J-Hope.

I’m talking to hyung on KakaoTalk and he’s really so warm..Hobi hyung is the best..

— Taehyun

| Weverse

The two are so close that Taehyun has switched from calling him “J-Hope sunbae-nim…


…to his “Hobi hyung!”

There’s nothing more precious than the genuine and loving friendships within the BIGHIT Music family!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

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