BTS’s J-Hope Almost Forgot The Flamingo Gift That V Gave To Him — But ARMYs Didn’t

Here’s the reason he got the adorable gift in the first place.

During his latest live broadcast, BTS‘s J-Hope spent quality time with ARMYs in his studio, “Hope World.” It didn’t take long for the comments on his cool decor to roll in, one of which asked about the adorable flamingo in the background!

However, unlike many ARMYs who know the origin story of this plushie, J-Hope couldn’t quite remember how or where he got it!


Fans were quick to remind him that during Bon Voyage Season 3 in Malta, V generously got the gift for his hyung!

After J-Hope admitted he had never seen a flamingo, V was on a mission to win the plushie in a carnival game…

V in Bon Voyage Season 3 | Naver

…and successfully brought one back with J-Hope in mind!

| Naver

The gift was a success and garnered an excited reaction from J-Hope!

Mentioning he would keep it in his studio, the flamingo has stood the test of time…

| Naver

…and always appears in the background of his studio throughout the years.

J-Hope’s previous “Hope World” studio during live broadcast | Naver

The sweet friendship between J-Hope and V is too precious!