BTS’s J-Hope Is Going Viral For His Reaction To Liza Koshy’s Unexpected Comment On “Dick Clark’s New Years’ Rockin’ Eve”

I mean… she wasn’t wrong though!

BTS‘s J-Hope is the “King of Expressions.” Whether he is on stage or interacting with his members, J-Hope always makes ARMYs smile with his charisma.

Recently, J-Hope went viral for his hilarious expression during an interview.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

J-Hope recently appeared on Dick Clark’s New Years’ Rockin’ Eve. As expected, the idol shined with his performances, capturing the attention of fans worldwide.

| @rockineve/Twitter
| @rockineve/Twitter   

Yet, one clip of J-Hope has gone viral, and it isn’t even from his dazzling performance.

During the big show airing live, host Liza Koshy was standing with J-Hope and fellow artist Jax getting ready for a huge event to welcome in 2023.

| @rockineve/Twitter 

While Liza Koshy was speaking, she quickly turned her attention to J-Hope, adding, “Speaking of someone that everyone wants to kiss.”

| @rockineve/Twitter

Although the comment contained no lies, it was J-Hope’s reaction that gained attention from fans worldwide. As soon as the words left Liza’s lips, J-Hope’s reaction changed instantly into something that seemed confused, disgusted, and everything in between.

| @rockineve/Twitter

Sadly, the camera quickly cuts to shots of the crowd as the host asks J-Hope how amazing the atmosphere is…

| @rockineve/Twitter

Before coming back to J-Hope, who just seemed happy to be there rather than commenting on Liza’s comment about kissing.

| @rockineve/Twitter

When the clip was posted, it quickly gained millions of views across the different accounts it was posted on. Netizens couldn’t get over J-Hope’s reaction, adding that as crazy as he thought it was, it was a very true statement.

J-Hope is always the most animated person with his expressions, whether he’s on stage or in interviews. The members have even joked that he is the most obvious with his expressions, especially if they go wrong during dance practice.

| BTS/Weverse 

Whether J-Hope believes it or not, there will be a VERY long line of people who would want to kiss him on New Year’s Day.

You can read more about J-Hope’s performance below.

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