Korean Netizens Think BTS’s J-Hope Is Officially In His Legendary Visual Days — Here’s Why

Hobi is stealing hearts! 😍

As time goes on, BTS‘s J-Hope only becomes more and more stunning. Previously, fans fell head over heels for his platinum blonde hair…

…and soon after, his short haircut that showed off his handsome visuals.

However, his latest look is one of ARMY’s all-time favorites — and it happens to be the complete opposite of his previous look! Returning to his natural color and growing his hair long, J-Hope shows that any hairstyle he tries is a success.

The gorgeous long hairstyle he rocked during 2022 Lollapalooza earned him many compliments for his edgy look.

| Naver

Specifically, during Chuseok, the stunning hairstyle worked perfectly with hisΒ hanbok. He showed off his pure visuals in the traditional clothing — featuring the twist of his adorable hat!

His loving ARMY often refer to him as a squirrel due to his chubby cheeks, and with this new look, fans can’t help but refer to him as a pure and elegant squirrel.

  • “Seriously, he totally looks like an innocent and pure squirrel”
  • “His no makeup face with bangs down is a certain victory..”
  • “He seriously looks handsome recently”
  • “What an elegant squirrel! He looks too good”
  • “That hat he’s wearing with the hanbok is too cute lol”

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Just as pure as he looks on the outside, his kind heart had nothing but well wishes for ARMY over the holiday on his Instagram account.

It’s Chuseok. Have a wonderful Hangawi holiday, and I hope your houses are blooming with flowers of laughter. πŸŒπŸŒ•

— J-Hope

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Whether he’s playing sports with his completely bare face…

…or is all made up for his schedule, J-Hope’s flawless visuals show that he gets more and more handsome everyday!

Source: Instiz