Here’s What BTS’s J-Hope Actually Premiered At His “Jack In The Box” Listening Party

Couldn’t attend the party? We got you covered!

Missed what BTS‘s J-Hope actually premiered at his Jack in the Box listening party? Don’t worry — The videos have now been posted to YouTube for ARMY to enjoy!

BTS at J-Hope’s “Jack in the Box” Listening Party | WKorea

Each track-by-track visualizer video showcases stunning art that matches the theme of the song and evokes the dark imagery of Jack in the Box.

Follow along with the lyrics as you explore J-Hope’s world inside and outside the box.

From stunning narratives of the story of Pandora during the intro track…

…to dynamic graphics that give each song the attention it deserves, the gorgeous videos make the album come to life.

Even singles get new life in their brand new videos!

Explore the unique color of each song as you watch the full playlist.

Check out the visualizers here.

See what else J-Hope is up to below.

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