Here’s The Real Reason BTS’s J-Hope Couldn’t Keep Up His April Fool’s Day Prank

Things almost got out of hand.

In a recent vlog, BTS‘s J-Hope shared a behind-the-scenes look into his life: From working on his solo album Jack in the Box to packing for BTS’s trip to America, he gave fans an exclusive peak into his daily activities.

BTS’s J-Hope | Weverse

One of the clips he showed took place in his own dressing room. While the BTS members were in the USA preparing for the 2022 GRAMMYs, J-Hope was home packing for the trip.

After testing positive for COVID-19, he had to stay in Korea for the mandatory quarantine period and fly separately from the members.

On this particular day, he revealed it was April Fool’s Day. More mischievous than he seems, J-Hope loves to pull a good prank on ARMY!

This year, he decided to go on Weverse and post what he thought was a small lie.

Pranking fans that he was already on his way, he posted a selfie that was sure to trick everyone!

I’m just going to the US right now~ 😜✈️✈️

— J-Hope

| Weverse

However, fans quickly took the joke seriously and were anticipating J-Hope’s arrival.

When the time had come for J-Hope to actually go to the airport, reporters revealed that they had fallen for the prank, too!

Because of the mayhem he caused, it didn’t take long for him to confess the truth.

In a new post, he revealed the truth, and even made sure to include some English to quickly reach global ARMY.

Wouldn’t I be lying like this?? ..

It’s a LIE.. 🥲☺️

I really want to go quickly. I miss the members.. Loneliness ㅠ..ㅠ

— J-Hope

| Weverse

In the end, he was just wishful thinking! Ready to see his members, he was already excited for his quarantine to be coming to an end.

Next April Fool’s Day, ARMY will finally be ready for J-Hope’s tricks — After falling for them for two years straight!

I dyed my hair~

— J-Hope

J-Hope pranked ARMY about his hair in 2021. | Weverse