BTS’s J-Hope Reassures ARMYs He Will Be Joining The Members In Las Vegas Soon

Get well soon!

BTS recently left for Las Vegas to attend the 64th Grammy Awards and perform “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE.” While members RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, and V went together, Jungkook left ahead of time for his own schedule.

Five BTS members together at Incheon Airport.

Fans were concerned for J-Hope who tested positive for COVID-19 on March 24. However, he recently let everyone know he’ll be on his way soon!

J-Hope at the airport in 2021.

In response to Jimin’s Weverse post updating ARMYs that they were leaving, J-Hope made it clear that he would be on his way eventually.

Jimin: We’ll go and come back well !!😊

J-Hope: Let’s meet there Jjyamanie*💥🔥 [t/n: funny way of saying “Jiminie”]

| Weverse

In the meantime, ARMYs are flooding Twitter with words of love for J-Hope as they patiently wait for his mandatory quarantine period to end so he can join the rest of the members in Las Vegas.

Get well soon, Hobi!

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