J-Hope Explains Why He Keeps All Of BTS’s Memories In His Endless Photo Gallery “Hope Film”

It goes back years!

BTS‘s J-Hope loves spoiling ARMY with the most thoughtful social media posts. From photos to videos, he catalogues all of BTS’s moments together.

Using the hashtag #HopeFilm, he posts sentimental videos of BTS’s important events: During various tours, his fellow members’ birthdays, and his own special moments.

With so many memories throughout the years, J-Hope places importance on record keeping.

I take a lot of photos and videos with my phone, but then my phone’s photo album becomes so chaotic. So I got around to editing to reduce the clutter. I usually make each file two or three minutes long.

— J-Hope

With his good memory, he revealed he’s able to recall his exact emotion he felt in the moment of the photos and videos, making it the perfect way to document BTS’s milestones and memories together.

I watch them so, so much. (laughs) It’s so fun. Records like that remind me how I was feeling at the time I made them. I can remember what emotion I felt while taking a video or picture of some scenery or certain people—every single one. Like I’m reliving those feelings when I see what I was thinking in 2017 whenever I revisit them.

— J-Hope

Whenever he watches the videos, the memories come right back to him.

I think there’s a limit to how much people can capture and store in their memories. I mean, you can’t remember everything, and you forget some things, too. But when I watch videos from back then, it’s like I’m smoothing out those wrinkled old memories and feelings. And I really love that.

— J-Hope

[Reliving the memories is] beautiful. (laughs) I was younger and more full of vigor. It’s not that I’m not like that now—I just think there were definitely things I could only feel back then. One thing with Proof is it shows how I was working back then, the kind of music and performances I was doing and everything I achieved. Something that makes me say, I can remember those days, means so much to me.

— J-Hope

For this reason, he loves shooting BTS’s documentaries that also keep a record of his memory at the time.

One thing I’m really thankful for whenever they’re filming our group’s documentaries is, I think you could say, I’m living through the most beautiful moment in life right now. And I’m so grateful they’re keeping a record of that. They record what my life, my everyday, and my emotions while performing on stage are like.

— J-Hope

Source: Weverse Magazine