BTS Jimin’s Chinese Fans Go To Epic Lengths With A “Jimin Plane” For This Year’s Birthday Support 

Life goal: Fly in this plane!

BTS‘s Jimin deserves the world, especially on his birthday. Unfortunately, ARMYs can’t get him that, so they’ve settled on plastering his face across a plane for his special day!

PARKJIMINBAR, Jimin’s Chinese fanbase, recently revealed their customized exclusive airplanes with a birthday message for Jimin as part of their 2021 birthday support project to celebrate his 27th birthday (26th internationally).


In cooperation with Jeju Air, the project features three airplanes that are all specially designed with Jimin’s photos.



Plane Preview | @JIMINBAR_CHINA/Twitter

In addition, the flight tickets and cup sets on the plane are also Jimin-themed and feature photos from Jimin fansite Loveletter. If you ever get a chance to fly on these amazing planes, it’s a good idea to stock up on souvenirs!

Paper Cup Preview | @JIMINBAR_CHINA/Twitter

The insane scale of the project has fans already excited for this year’s “Jim-tober” celebrations. Who knows what ground-breaking projects will pop up next!