BTS’s Jimin Hilariously Called Out ARMYs During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL,” And It Was Savage AF

ARMYs loved his honesty!

After what seems like forever, BTS finally met Korean ARMYs in person when they performed their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE show in Seoul at the Olympic Stadium. As expected, both the members and ARMYs who were there (and watching through a live stream globally) couldn’t hide their excitement.

The members of BTS | @bts_twt/ Twitter

Of course, one of the hardest things about the concert was that, because of COVID-19 restrictions, ARMYs weren’t allowed to cheer or make their love known to the members. Luckily, the members were more than ready to take over and become the fans’ voices…

If that didn’t work, they also had the epic clappers to showcase their love. As well as being absolutely adorable, K-ARMYs used them perfectly.

Yet, it seems like after waiting for so long to see the group, some members in the crowd seemed to think they didn’t need to showcase their love just because cheering wasn’t allowed.

Luckily, a member of BTS was ready to call them out, and it was none other than Jimin!

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/ Twitter

During the show, although everyone there was ARMYs (especially after the limited number of tickets and lengths fans went to in getting them), there is always a VIP section. Well, anyone could be in this section from the members’ families to celebrity friends!

Someone watching the show explained that during the show, some people on the second floor weren’t waving their ARMY bombs when the group was attempting an ARMY bomb wave, and Jimin was more than ready to call them out.

In particular, Jimin pointed out that fans had waited for over two and a half years, BTS and ARMYs were waiting to see each other again and have fun. So, the fact they weren’t taking place wasn’t sitting right with Jimin, and he was going to tell them.

Two and half years, and this? The second floor, is that VIP? I saw you all, they were all staying still. Turn the light off for two and half years, and this?

— Jimin

When the moment was shared on social media, ARMYs couldn’t get enough of what Jimin did and praised him for calling them out when he could’ve easily ignored it. Many also added it shows how close BTS are with ARMYs that they can scold them.

Considering how important a show it was for both BTS and fans, ARMYs don’t think it’s a surprise that Jimin felt so passionately about it. The members put in their blood, sweat, and tears to put on an amazing show and ARMYs had to restrain themselves from cheering, not just for some people not to participate.

As always, Jimin has showcased how passionate he is about ARMYs and BTS, always being honest when he needs to be.

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