ARMYs Believe That BTS’s Jimin Arrived At Incheon Airport With An Unexpected But Familiar Face

Could a HYBE favorite be making his return to BTS?

Considering how competitive and cutthroat the world of K-Pop is, it isn’t surprising to see netizens regularly criticize K-Pop companies and those working there for the treatment of their idols. However, one person who is so vital to a K-Pop idol is their manager, and netizens love seeing wholesome interactions between them.

One group that netizens have always loved seeing interact with their staff is BTS.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

One of the most loved staff members of BTS has to be manager Sejin! Sejin had been with the group since before they debuted. He has always showcased so much love and respect for BTS, including looking after them in big crowds and events.

BTS’s Suga and Manager Sejin
BTS’s Jungkook and Manager Sejin
BTS’s V and Manager Sejin

The last time ARMYs had heard about Sejin was when at he now had a more senior role in HYBE and was taking care of all the groups, including BTS’s juniors ENHYPEN. As expected, Sejin made sure to protect some of HYBE’s youngest idols in the same way he did for BTS.

Manager Sejin with ENHYPEN | @stunnin/Twitter

Well, it seems like netizens have a new “Manager Sejin Update” that has sent the internet into excitement… because he seems to have returned to BTS!

On January 18, along with BTS’s J-Hope, member Jimin arrived at Incheon Airport ahead of his appearance at Paris Fashion Week as the newest global brand ambassador for DIOR. As expected, the idol looked handsome and was treated to a huge welcome.

BTS’s Jimin at Incheon Airport

Yet, along with his visuals, ARMYs noticed someone unexpected with Jimin as he walked through the doors… and many believe it is none other than Manager Sejin.


Even making sure to stay by his side when Jimin started walking away from the press and fans. With his height and glasses, it seemed impossible not to recognize the man who spent so long with BTS after they debuted.

When the clips were shared, and netizens noticed it was Sejun, they couldn’t hide their love and appreciation for the iconic manager. For many, they loved how his new role meant he could protect many HYBE artists and that he still seemed as dedicated to his job as ever.

With both Jimin and J-Hope in Paris for such events, it isn’t surprising that HYBE sent their best person to take care of the duo. Not only will they be protected, but the BTS members will have someone they genuinely trust.

You can read more about Manager Sejun below.

Netizens Finally Found Out What BTS’s Epic Former Manager Sejin Is Doing, And They Couldn’t Be Happier

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