BTS’s Jimin Reveals His Own Method For Producing Music

He hopes to try different methods in the future.

In BTS’s recent “BE-hind Story” interviews, the members interviewed one another on about their music and gave fans a deeper look into their creative processes.

Jin sat down with Jimin and asked him about his method for producing music.

I actually don’t know! I tend to just go as I feel and I still do it that way so I think my method takes a bit more time than other people. For example, I need to start working whenever I get the inspiration. I think I worked on it freely.

⁠— Jimin

When asked if he wrote the melody first or the lyrics first, he revealed that he usually worked on the melody first.

So far, I’ve been using the method of working on the melody first on an existing beat and track. But while working on the BE album, I thought there should be a keyword and I wanted to try tailoring the melody, mood, and lyrics of the song to match that keyword. So I’ve been thinking that it’d be nice to work with new methods going forward.

⁠— Jimin

Jimin also had the opportunity to write the bridge for the track “Dis-ease”.

With “Dis-ease,” I made the melody of the bridge. That part was actually left empty. I wasn’t like ‘I’ll take this part and work on it’, but while we were recording I was just humming to myself because the bridge was missing and the producer said, ‘That sounds pretty good, could you try it again?’ So I tried singing it and then we put it together and he went ‘this isn’t too bad so take this and go work on it’. And they ended up using my melody which I was really grateful for.

⁠— Jimin

As the wrapped up the interview, Jimin expressed how happy he was to be able to share a bit more of their creative process through this segment.

It was really nice to be able to tell the fans a little about what we were thinking and how we worked on the album in an interview like this.

⁠— Jimin

Watch the full interview below!