BTS Jimin’s Birthday Post Receives Record Views and Interactions

Jimin is in a league all on his own

BTS’ Jimin breaks records once more as his birthday post video exceeded 13 million views. 


On October 14th, he posted a video on BTS’s channel titled “ma birthday!’ where he interacted with fans and updated them on his special day. 


The video did not only reach 13 million views but also received more than a billion hearts. The “heart system” is the way for fans to express their affection and interest for the livestream they are watching. 


This is one of Jimin’s many videos to achieve such an impressive viewership in record time. 


In fact, his videos are so popular the only record he needed to top was his own. At present, his post on April 24 remains the most viewed post at 56 million views and a record 2.5 billion hearts. 


Jimin’s fans is truly remarkable in making his popularity known.


Source: Segye