LGBTQIA+ ARMYs Notice Meaningful Details In BTS Jimin’s “Me, Myself, & Jimin ‘ID: Chaos’” Photofolio

They couldn’t be happier!

ARMYs are loving BTS Jimin‘s brand new “Me, Myself, & Jimin” photofolio called ID: Chaos so far.

BTS’s Jimin

He recently unveiled the first set of concept photos from it, and they were everything we could dream of. Jimin showcased the contrast of light and darkness while radiating Homme Fatale aura.

The second set of preview photos display Jimin in a romantic light as he shows off new (temporary?) tattoos. He looks like he literally came out of a romance novel.

Now, the cover art of the photofolio has been released, and ARMYs are noticing some details. Jimin appears on the cover with wings coming out from his back while wearing a casual T-shirt and jeans.

The color alone makes Jimin’s photofolio stand out from the rest.

The details are everything, though. Jimin doesn’t only bring fan edits to life with this photo…

He has rocked angel wings on more than one occasion.

It’s not just the wings that are getting ARMYs’ attention. They noticed that his lighting is purple, blue, and pink, the colors of the Bisexual Pride flag. Additionally, his graphic T-Shirt appears to read “LOVE” with equal signs. So, LGBTQIA+ ARMYs couldn’t be more excited.

Jimin’s “ID: Chaos” photoshoots are filled with symbolism, and knowing that the entire project is about his self-expression makes it all even more meaningful.

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