The Fascinating Symbolisms In BTS Jimin’s “ID: Chaos” Photoshoot That Shook ARMYs

The amount of thought put into this concept is insane.

Big Hit Music recently released a mood sampler of BTS member Jimin‘s upcoming photofolio Me, Myself, & Jimin. The short teaser-style video shows the behind-the-scenes thought process that Jimin put into curating the ID: Chaos section of the collection. Jimin wanted his raw self to be reflected in the photographs and made the necessary creative choices for it.

Though the video offered just a brief overview of how he approached the concept, fans managed to notice some fascinating motifs and references Jimin used for the shoot.


The central concept of the shoot is potentially based on the figures of Artemis and Apollo. While Jimin was selecting outfits and makeup looks, there were many temporary tattoos laid out with Artemis’s name written in different fonts. A statue of Apollo also flashed on the screen for a moment.


Statue of Apollo featured in the mood sampler | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Artemis is the lunar goddess and the hunting goddess in Greek mythology. The all-black leather-clad look from the shoot that was revealed earlier now looks like a promising reference to her.

Statue of Artemis|

| Big Hit Music

Apollo, on the other hand, is the twin of Artemis and the god of the Sun and light. Apart from the Apollo statue, Jimin also used the motif of the Sun as a temporary tattoo on his hand to probably represent the Apollonian symbolism.


The figures of Artemis and Apollo are often used to represent feminine and masculine energies. Fans are guessing that Jimin is using both to reaffirm the multiple sides of his self, a reaffirmation of what was already discussed in his solo song “Filter” from Map Of The Soul 7.

The statue of Artemis featured in the video also had golden cracks on it, which reminded many ARMYs of the Japanese art of Kintsugi, where broken objects are fixed with golden or silver lacquer. Kintsugi is deep in symbolism that speaks of accepting the brokenness of things and still acknowledging their wholeness.



With just a few glimpses from the photoshoot, it is clear that Jimin put his best foot forward to create a highly artistic body of work while showing his true self. It would be interesting to see what else he has planned ahead for this project!

You can watch the full mood sampler here: