BTS’s Jimin Drives ARMY Crazy In New “Boyfriend Material” Photos

The bath robe photo left us shook!

BTS‘s Jimin just surprised fans with his latest Instagram update! Showing off his “boyfriend material” charms, Jimin’s film photos capture his natural essence.

Jimin (BTS) | @j.m/Instagram
| @j.m/Instagram

He even gave fans another precious glimpse of his friendship tattoo with the rest of the BTS members! The small number 7 is located on the inside of his index finger.

| @j.m/Instagram

He also showed off his dual charms. In one photo, he wears a hotel robe while eating a meal, capturing a behind-the-scenes moment of his busy celebrity life.

| @j.m/Instagram

In another, he poses with a wine glass as he looks dapper in his suit!

| @j.m/Instagram

It didn’t take long for his series of photos to go viral across social media. Fans had nothing but praise for the intimate photos!

Check out his full post below.


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