Jimin Reveals What Happened To His Busan Dialect In Latest “Run BTS!”

This is why we don’t hear his accent often!

During episode 136 of Run BTS!, BTS‘s Jimin admitted what happened to his original accent.

After calling a friend from Busan and speaking to him in the local dialect, Jimin asked him how his accent sounded.

However, what he heard next wasn’t what he expected!

He said that I speak like a complete Seoul local.

— Jimin

When Jimin rebutted that he was speaking in “full Busan dialect,” his friend had an equally hilarious comeback.

He said, ‘You’re just adding a little accent at the end of every sentence.’

— Jimin

After living in Seoul for so many years, it seems that Jimin has become a “Seoul local,” according to BTS!

Even if his accent gets a little rusty, he’ll always be a Busan native!