Jimin Was Challenged To Sing The Classic BTS “Butter,” But It Didn’t Go Exactly To Plan

How do you think he did?

When it comes to vocals, there is no denying that BTS‘s Jimin is second to none! Fans also love him singing other songs and adding his own twist to it! With all this in mind, the latest karaoke-style challenge the group has had to battle with during the last two episodes of Run BTS! should’ve been easy for the songbird.

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/ Twitter

During episode 153, the members were challenged to sing along to any random song chosen by a karaoke machine. The members had to sing one song each and try and get the points as close to 90 as possible.


The members each tackled a number of songs ranging in difficulty. ARMYs got to see vocal-line members Jin and Jungkook ace a rapping classic, and leader RM poured his emotions into a ballad, which showcased the group’s diversity.


Yet, while the members sang songs that might not have been in their comfort zone, Jimin must’ve had a lucky charm. When Jungkook picked the song at number seven, it was none other than BTS’s 2021 song “Butter!” While none of the members could believe it, Jimin took his chance to sing a song he knew well!


As expected, Jimin was absolutely flawless, showcasing that his vocals are not to be questioned as the members were treated to a live solo rendition of their song.


Even when it came to his member’s parts, he seemed to ace them, and J-Hope couldn’t help but dance along! Considering the members have been performing the track a lot, it was no surprise that Jimin managed to slay that track.


Yet, it didn’t matter how much BTS or ARMYs enjoyed it because it was all down to the scores on the karaoke machine. The other members had varied scores, but the pressure was on Jimin, especially considering it was their song.

However, all of the members were shocked to see that Jimin only got a 86! Although it wasn’t the worst score of the episode, it definitely was one of the lower, and it was shocking considering it was their song.


Even Jimin couldn’t hide his shock and sadness after seeing the scores.


Luckily, the karaoke scores didn’t mean anything, and ARMYs know just how good Jimin’s voice was during that performance! As always, BTS proved just how good they are live, and there is no denying their talent!

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