BTS’s Jin And Jungkook Joined Rap Line During “Run BTS!” And The Members Were Shook

Nobody is a bigger BTS fan than the BTS members!

When it comes to BTS, there is no denying that they are talented at everything. Whether singing, rapping, or dancing, it seems like there isn’t anything they can’t do. In particular, this diversity was shown during the latest Run BTS! 

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

During episode 153, the members were challenged to sing along to any random song chosen by a karaoke machine. The members had to sing one song each and try and get the points as close to 90 as possible.


Before the game started, the members wanted to have a warm-up to see how the game would work and just have some fun with the songs. The first number picked by J-Hope was 44, and after trying to predict that they wanted “Loner” by Outsider, and shockingly, it actually came up!


As soon as the track appeared, Jin and Jungkook took their microphones and made their way to center stage to showcase their skills.

Yet, despite being known as members of BTS’s vocal line, ARMYs worldwide were shook to see how fluently and effortlessly the two executed one of the hardest K-Pop songs there is. Although Jin explained that the two had recently sung it together, it didn’t take away from how amazing they were.


It seems like the other members of BTS couldn’t hide how surprised they were at how well Jungkook and Jin remembered the track. In particular, rappers Suga and J-Hope seemed in awe, with Suga even adding, “How is this possible?


Even when the duo had finished the track, the members couldn’t get over just how well Jin and Jungkook had done! However, it shouldn’t be too surprising to BTS that their vocal line is capable of things like this.


Since debuting, maknae Jungkook has been seen as one of the all-rounders in K-Pop, known for being the complete triple threat!

Also, Jin has showcased his skills on several occasions. In particular, during an episode of their show Bon Voyage, Jin even showed just how well he could rap to “Loner.” It is so tough because Outsider is well known for his speed rapping, and many idols have tried to match his 22 syllables per second.

Once again, BTS is showing just how diverse they are as performers, and, by now, it shouldn’t be surprising to see the members show us something different!

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