BTS’s Jimin Reveals He Has A Common But Unexpected Allergy 

It’s taking everyone by surprise.

In his latest live broadcast, BTS‘s Jimin shared a fact about himself that fans have been unaware of for the past eight years.

Jimin | HYBE/Facebook

Yesterday, at BTS’s exclusive Zoom party, Jimin promised to hold a solo broadcast that all fans could attend. True to his word, Jimin went live to hang out with ARMY and reply to their comments.

One fan wanted to know if Jimin plans to adopt a pet, and his answer was unexpected. Jimin said that although he likes cats, he cannot adopt one because he is allergic to them.

| BANGTANTV/Youtube 

Allergic to cats? This new information might come as a surprise surprise. It’s hard to believe Jimin is allergic to his furry friends because he has held and played with them on camera many times. Allergies vary in severity, however, so it is possible that Jimin can be around cats for a short time, but not live with them on a daily basis without his health suffering.


What about a dog? Jimin told fans he likes dogs, but with his busy work schedule, he believes he wouldn’t be able to give a dog all the time and attention it needs. Some idols ask their parents to take care of their pets while they are away, but this would be difficult for Jimin since his parents live in Busan.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

That doesn’t mean Jimin doesn’t plan to raise a pet someday. He said that he’s thinking of adopting one when he is in his 40s or 50s.

Jimin and V’s dog Yeontan | Weverse