BTS’s “Angel” Jimin Gives Himself A Fairy Tale Backstory

It’s straight out of a K-Drama.

To ARMY, BTS‘s Jimin is an angel on earth. Now, he’s sharing new details about his celestial “job!”


Recently, Weverse hosted a giveaway for members of BTS’s official fan club. 200 ARMYs were selected at random to attend a special live event with BTS: an online pajama party, via Zoom. Here BTS answered fans’ questions, shared fun facts about themselves, and more.

When asked about his angelic duties, Jimin gave a surprisingly detailed answer. He told ARMY that his work is a bit challenging. He used to be a fairy but has since been promoted to the position of angel. Now, this “team leader” is responsible for managing the fairies!

A fan’s photo edit of Jimin with angel wings.

If Jimin is an angel, where are his wings? That’s what wanted to know. Without missing a beat, Jimin told him that he lost his wings when he came down to earth. “He’s a fallen angel,” Jungkook added.

Does this sound like a hit K-Drama in the making, or what?

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