A BTS Fan Risks It All To Propose To RM On Zoom

Marry me?

Some people seem to have all the luck, and one of those lucky people is an ARMY!

BTS at their Zoom party with ARMY 

BTS has millions of fans, but only 200 randomly selected ARMYs could win spots at BTS’s Zoom pajama party. Fans were muted for the meeting, but they could ask BTS questions through text.

At the meeting, one RM stan was ready to risk it all for their bias. After all, when would they get another chance to propose? According to fans, this ARMY held up a banner, asking RM to marry them, and yes — BTS saw it! Jimin read the banner aloud, laughing. It said, “Namjoon, let’s get married!”

How did RM react? He coolly replied with, “Good,” meaning, “okay.” It looks like Operation Proposal was a success!

So…are we all invited to the wedding?

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