BTS Jimin’s “Christmas Love” Becomes Fastest Video To Surpass 10M Views On YouTube

Congrats to Jimin!

Previously on Christmas Eve, BTS’s Jimin dropped a Christmas tune titled “Christmas Love” and wished fans a safe and happy holiday.

This track went on to become the fastest Korean audio video to reach 10M views on YouTube and ranked No.1 for videos trending worldwide in the music category.

On Christmas day, this track ranked No.2 for music videos trending worldwide and number 9 in Japan, proving his worldwide popularity.

“Christmas Love” also trended in 71 countries and regions in the Music category and in 19 countries and regions in all category including South Korea, USA, Japan, India, UK and Canada.

This track, titled, “Christmas Love”, was produced by Slow Rabbit, Jimin, and RM, and is the perfect song for the holidays with the upbeat melody and Jimin’s beautiful vocals.

Jimin’s self-made songs provide a sense of comfort and healing and are consistently loved by global fans, making him recognized worldwide for his versatility as a solo artist.

Listen to the song below!

Source: star news