BTS’s Jimin Couldn’t Sleep After Finding Out They Made Their 1st No.1 On Billboard’s “Hot 100” Chart

Congrats to BTS!

Looks like September 1 is going to be an even more special day for BTS and the fans! BTS’s golden maknae Jungkook wished to make it to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and his wish came true thanks to ARMY for their amazing support!

As of August 31 (in the U.S) and September 1 in Korea, BTS’s “Dynamite” became their first BTS song ever to debut No.1 on the chart. While BTS’s Jin, RM, and Suga posted messages of gratitude and thanks to fans on Weverse, Jimin took to Twitter to express his feelings.

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J-Hope left a message to say happy birthday to Jungkook but to also thank fans for their love and support.

“Happy birthday to your maknae! Hyung loves you very much! Congrats to our members for making number one on Billboard. I am happy because I am with you guys! And ARMY! You know that we are so grateful and that we love you all the most, right? ARMY needs to be congratulated too! I love all my people that have been by my side!”

To this post, Jimin left a reply, “I’m still crying hyung.”

J-Hope let Jimin know that he too, couldn’t hold back his tears.

“Me too…….”

After that, Jimin took over Twitter with his series of messages thanking fans for making this happen.

“Just as Suga said, thank you and thank you again. I’m sorry I don’t know what to write….The tears keep coming…”

He then revealed that he was in such shock that he couldn’t sleep as he continued to post Twitter messages at 5 AM KST.

“Reality needs to kick in before I can fall asleep.”

“My mind is so crazy right now but you guys made this happen so you need to be congratulated. I hope you feel happy about this achievement. Thank you and thank you again.”

Fans could feel the genuine emotions from the members, making this achievement that much more special! We hope Jungkook enjoys his birthday gift and has a fun time with the members!