DIOR Goes Behind The Scenes With BTS’s Jimin At Paris Fashion Week

Here’s everything he did!

DIOR recently went behind the scenes with new global ambassador BTS‘s Jimin on the day of the 2023 F/W Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week.

BTS’s Jimin | DIOR

In the video, Jimin received his invitation to the show…

…as well as a surprise gift of binoculars.

Slip into Jimin’s hotel room in Paris, where our new global ambassador was on a surprise hunt. Accompany him to the #DiorWinter23 where his arrival generated much excitement among the crowd!


With his new gift, he was able to enjoy the romantic scenery of Paris from his hotel room before the show.

I heard that there’s at least one marriage proposal done at the top of the Eiffel Tower every day.

— Jimin

In addition, he received a bag from the Mystery Ranch line and a stunning two-button lapel jacket in the House’s iconic color, DIOR Gray.

You cant help but love DIOR’s clothing!

— Jimin

Once he was ready to head out, he greeted the large crowd of fans waiting for him, took press photos, and entered the show.

As Jimin’s first-ever fashion show, he was blown away by the pieces he saw.

The collection was wonderful. I’m awed how DIOR’s archive pieces were transformed through Kim’s vision in such a modern and powerful way.

— Jimin

Specifically, he named what he loved the most.

The pieces inspired from the DIOR jacket designed by Yves Saint Laurent in 1959 with the dropped shoulder were especially stunning.

— Jimin

Watch the full video below.

Check out more stunning pictures of Jimin for DIOR here.


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