BTS’s Jimin Makes His Global Ambassador Debut At DIOR’s Paris Fashion Show, And The Unreal Crowd Reactions Showcase His Influence

Was it a fashion show or BTS concert?

Wherever BTS go, the members always showcase their popularity by turning even the smallest event into a huge ARMY gathering. BTS’s Jimin recently shocked the internet after truly cementing his influence when making an appearance at Paris Fashion Week.

BTS’s Jimin | Inkigayo

Earlier in the month, Jimin made history after being the first member of BTS to have a solo deal with a designer label after becoming the global brand ambassador for DIOR.

BTS’s Jimin for DIOR | DIOR

After the announcement, it wasn’t surprising when it was revealed that Jimin was traveling to Paris to attend the brand’s fashion show for Paris Fashion Week. 

Hours before the show started, crowds of ARMYs gathered outside the venue to ensure they got a good spot to see Jimin. Even in the cold, fans weren’t going to let the weather stop them from showing support.

The videos were even more telling of BTS’s influence as huge crowds of ARMYs bundled together outside the beautiful venue in Paris.

As expected, when Jimin finally arrived, the crowds went crazy as the handsome idol walked through the crowds surrounded by photographers.

In a video shared by someone at the event, Jimin looked flawless in a perfectly tailored grey suit and dark grey polo sweater.

| @laithbazari/Instagram

From a further distance, the crowds and reaction when Jimin started making his way through the venue were unreal. Although it was a fashion show, it seemed to resemble a concert as crowds cheered and screamed for the idol.

Of course, walking into the venue, everyone wanted a taste of Jimin…

And to get the best photos of the idol in his flawless outfit.

| @ibaemin/Twitter
| @ibaemin/Twitter

Jimin rightly made his way to a seat in the front row. With cameras surrounding him and everyone wanting a chance to interact with the idol, he proved his influence at his first DIOR event as the global ambassador.

Along with J-Hope, who also joined Jimin at the DIOR show, the BTS members are continuously proving their unreal influence in the global community, including fashion.

You can read more about DIOR’s show below.

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