BTS’s Jimin Makes A Donation For His Birthday And Joins The Exclusive Green Noblesse Club

He did it for ARMY.

BTS‘s Jimin made it to the headlines on his birthday, for his generous donations. In commemoration of his 27th birthday in 2021, he made a huge donation to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation of over ₩100 million KRW (about $83,500 USD). Thanks to his donation, he has been graced with entrance to the Green Noblesse Club, which is only reserved for a special group of people.

The foundation made an official statement that announced Jimin’s joining of the club. However, the exact amount of donations and time was not made public. It was only when Newsen conducted an investigation that it was made known that Jimin made the donation to commemorate his birthday and as a way to repay fans for their love.

The Green Noblesse Club is an exclusive group of high-value donors, who have donated over ₩100 million KRW (about $83,500 USD) to the organization over 5 years or less. Soloist Chungha was noted as the first new member in 2021. In the past, TVXQ‘s Changmin was announced in 2018, BTS‘s J-Hope in 2019, and actress Kim Yoo Jung in 2020. Jimin has now joined the ranks of this exclusive club.

Source: Newsen