BTS Jimin’s Cutie-Sexy Duality During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” In LA Leaves ARMYs Shook

He’s giving us whiplash!

BTS Jimin‘s insane duality hits us differently every time he shows his adorable side and his dangerous side! During BTS’s recent concerts in LA, he took it to the next level by flipping in an instant.

On the final day, he showed off his dazzling good looks between songs with his angelic smile and tousled, long hair.

He spoke some encouraging words to hype up the crowd, but in the next moment, he flipped a switch!

Instantly, he transformed from “Mochi Chim Chim” to “Lethally Sexy Park Jimin!” The audible gasps in the crowd sum up exactly how taken aback everyone was from the quick transformation.

With his new suave look and heavy breathing, there’s no telling what he would do next!


— Jimin

However, he decided again to switch back into cute mode! Pretending to swing a golf club, he raised his voice and broke into a cheesy smile that made every ARMY in the crowd fall in love all over again!

Go! *giggles*

— Jimin

There’s no telling what type of Jimin you’ll get from moment to moment! Will he be cute…

…or sexy?

You can always count on him to bring both sides wherever he goes!