Forever A Fan: How BTS’s Jimin Greatly Inspired ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki During The Latter’s “Bite Me” Comeback

He looks up to Jimin.

ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki is known to be a fan of his HYBE seniors BTS. He talked more about how they helped him in a recent interview with Weverse Magazine.

Here, he singled out Jimin as the member who he looked up to the most during the group’s recent “Bite Me” comeback period. He was the K-Pop idol who inspired Ni-Ki in terms of dancing, saying he studied the older singer’s smooth movements in order to improve himself.

I love the way Jimin from BTS dances so I make it a point to study him very closely.

— Ni-Ki

He noticed that Jimin is great at interpreting unique choreographies that require a great deal of emotion. This was helpful as ENHYPEN’s new title track, “Bite Me,” has fantasy-like characteristics to it.

The song ‘Bite Me’ is very conceptual and we have to convey that through our movements, which I think JIMIN does very well. So I use him as my reference during our practices. I still can’t believe we shot a TikTok together.

— Ni-Ki

Ni-Ki helped create the dance of “Bite Me,” and it was Jimin who inspired him during this time.

In fact, the BTS member has been a guiding light for him ever since he was a kid. Ni-Ki even auditioned for HYBE using Jimin’s solo song “Lie” from the Wings album—and now he’s even collaborating with him in dance covers.

I auditioned with his song ‘Lie’ so it was a huge honor to film a TikTok with him, just the two of us. He was so kind and nice. I enjoyed every second of it.

— Ni-Ki


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♬ Like Crazy – Jimin

Catch the group’s “Bite Me” music video below if you have yet to see it.

Source: Weverse Magazine


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