BTS’s Jimin Explains Why Winning #1 On Billboard Was Especially Meaningful To Him

He compared it to the GRAMMYs.

BTS recently guested on a video with Vanity Fair where they looked back at the highlights of their careers—starting from their first tweet in 2012 to their recent 2021 GRAMMY Award nomination.

Among their many milestones is, of course, topping the Billboard “Hot 100” chart for the very first time with their hit single “Dynamite”.

Jimin compared winning #1 on Billboard to getting nominated for a GRAMMY.

Achieving #1 on the Billboard ‘Hot 100’, it’s kind of like…Although we recently got nominated for a GRAMMY, the feeling of getting #1 on Billboard Hot 100 is different because the Billboard ‘Hot 100’ is inclusive of all worldwide music.

— Jimin

Because of how international the Billboard chart is, he felt moved thinking how their music means a lot to people all over the world.

And the fact that we got #1 made me think that our music, our sincerity, is touching so many people.

— Jimin

He ended by expressing why he found their win at Billboard to be so meaningful: “Realizing that we are reaching people and really connecting with them, I think that was the most meaningful part“.

Hear more about BTS’s music careers in the full video below.

Source: Vanity Fair