Jimin Proves He’s The Biggest ARMY When He Suddenly Misses The BTS Members

“I realize it’s not easy doing this alone.” 🥹

BTS‘s Jimin recently treated fans to an ASMR unboxing of his solo debut album FACE.

He graded his own gorgeous visuals…

…and told behind the scenes stories from the album.

Additionally, he decided to do some fun toploader decoration to customize his photocards.

He felt like a true professional as he did his best…

…and as expected, he made plenty of jokes!

However, when any chaotic of funny moments started happening, he immediately thought of his members.

He took his opportunity to bring up the others, including J-Hope, Suga, and RM.

This is usually when Hoseok is laughing, Yoongi is done with everything…

— Jimin

Just like ARMY, he thought of it as a Run BTS! episode and assumed what each of the members would be doing in that moment.

…and Namjoon is off doing his own thing and usually they fill up the audio.

— RM

Jimin’s just like us — He misses BTS!

Watch the full video below.