BTS’s Jimin Unveils Official Tracklist For Debut Solo Album “FACE”

Both RM and Jimin worked on most of the songs!

BTS‘s Jimin has dropped the tracklist for his debut solo album FACE!

BTS’s Jimin

Recently, BIGHIT MUSIC announced that Jimin would be the next BTS member to release his solo album.



BTS member Jimin will be releasing his first solo album ‘FACE’

‘FACE’ is all about Jimin facing himself head-on as he gets ready for his next step as a solo artist.

Jimin will see the fans through various activities including the ‘FACE’ release so we ask for your continued interest and support for Jimin’s first official solo activity.


Now, the official FACE tracklist has been released, giving us a glimpse of what we can expect.

The album includes six songs in total. Jimin was involved in the creative process of all the tracks except for #2, “Interlude: Dive.” Besides Jimin, familiar names, such as BIGHIT MUSIC producers Pdogg, Supreme Boi, GHSTLOOP, and of course, fellow BTS member RM were involved in the production of the songs that make up FACE.


BLVSH and Chris James previously worked with BTS for “Life Goes On.” They worked on the main track, “Like Crazy,” along with Pdogg, GHSTLOOP, Jimin, RM, and EVAN. There will also be an English version.

Previously, BIGHIT MUSIC released the full promotion schedule for FACE. Read more below.

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