BTS’s Jimin Is Coming — Here’s The Full Promotion Schedule For His Debut Solo Album “FACE”

March is BUSY!

Get ready: BTS Jimin‘s debut solo album, FACE, is coming soon!

BIGHIT MUSIC just shared a promotion schedule of what fans can expect next. Check out the full schedule below, along with some examples of what each point on the list may be like!

BTS’s Jimin | W Korea

1. Tracklist

The full list of songs will be released on February 24 at 12AM KST. What kind of exciting features will we get? How many songs where there be? Only time will tell!

Example: PROOF Tracklist

PROOF Album Tracklist CD1

2. “Christmas Love” / “Promise” Official Release

Get ready for the official release of two of Jimin’s solo iconic songs on March 6 at 2PM KST.

“Promise” by Jimin 

3. Mood Photo

A mood photo will drop on March 8 at 12AM KST and might capture the same feeling as the teaser trailer for FACE.

4. Concept Photo (Hardware ver.)

There will be 3 concept photos of “Hardware version” released at 15 minute intervals on March 10 at 12AM, 12:15AM, 12:30AM KST. Can we expect a charismatic side of Jimin shown in his Chaos: ID Special Photo-folio?

Jimin’s Chaos: ID Special Photo-folio

5. Concept Photo (Software ver.)

The next day on March 11 at 12AM, 12:15AM, 12:30AM KST, we will get a whole new concept: “Software version.” Perhaps this will be a softer or natural side of Jimin as shown in BE.

Jimin in “BE”

6. Pre-release Track Poster

Jimin is kicking off promotions with a pre-release track! Expect the poster on March 13 at 12AM KST.

Example: “VIBE” Track Poster

BIGBANG Taeyang’s “Vibe” feat. Jimin Song Poster

7. Pre-release Track Official MV Teaser

The music video teaser for the pre-release track drops two days later on March 15 at 12AM KST.

Example: “DNA” MV Teaser

8. Pre-release Track Official MV Teaser (Shorts ver.)

The YouTube shorts version is set for release the next day on March 16 at 12AM KST.

Example: “Yet to Come” Shorts ver. Teaser

9. Pre-release Track Official MV

The official music video for the pre-release track comes out on March 17 at 1PM KST! Mark you calendars.

10. Main Track Poster

All of this so far is only the beginning. The main track promotion begins with a poster on March 20 at 12AM KST.

Example: “The Astronaut” by Jin Track Poster

11. Main Track Official MV Teaser

The MV teaser drops on March 22 at 12AM KST.

Example: “Dynamite” MV Teaser

12. Main Track Official MV Teaser (Shorts ver.)

The Shorts ver. is coming on March 23 at 12AM KST.

Example: “Yet to Come” Shorts ver. Teaser

13. Main Track Official MV

Lastly, the official music video for the main track drops on March 24 at 1PM KST!

Take a look at the entire promotion schedule below.

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