BTS Jimin’s Epic Fan Dance Went Viral, Left Everyone Speechless

No words are needed.

BTS’ Jimin has been going viral with his epic fan dance from the 2018 Melon Music Awards and has ranked No.2 on Twitter’s worldwide trends as a result.


Jimin performed a traditional Korean-style fan dance for the intro to “IDOL” and has left everyone watching completely speechless with his ethereal charm and powerful performance.


With this amazing performance, #Jimin ranked No.2 on the worldwide trends with a whopping 1.5M Tweets, which was preceded by #MMA2018 with a total of 2.74M Tweets.

Moreover, Jimin secured a spot on the top ranks of Twitter trends in approximately 40 countries including France (Paris) and Australia (Melbourne).


Fans from around the world were simply in awe of Jimin and this legendary performance.


Jimin succeeded in not only impressing the audience with his skills but once again contributed to the promotion of Korean culture by showing with the beauty of traditional Korean dance.


Meanwhile, BTS, who won 7 awards at the 2018 MMA, are set to begin their tour in Taiwan starting from December 8.


Watch Jimin’s fan dance below:

Source: Herald Corp