Netizens Are Amazed By The Scale Of BTS Jimin’s Birthday Support From Chinese Fans

Welcome to “Jimin Land!”

BTS Jimin‘s birthday is a few weeks away and fansites are already rolling out the announcements for their stunning birthday support projects!

Chinese fansite Park Jimin Bar (@JIMINBAR_CHINA on Twitter) recently wowed netizens with their gorgeous birthday event, Jimin Land, taking place at Yeongdo P.ARK in Busan, a 6 floor café and complex cultural space.

Fans can visit during the weekend of BTS’s Busan concert, making it an anticipated hot spot.

Full of gorgeous ads, there’s tons of eye candy for ARMY to enjoy!

There is also a cup sleeve event that will take place at the café…

…a photo zone for pictures with Jimin photos…

…and even a photobooth!

Check out the full announcement below.

Source: theqoo