BTS Jimin’s Biggest Concerns About Dancing With Female Dancers

“You might find it a little uncomfortable…”

BTS‘s Jimin explains how he really feels about having female dancers in his song “Like Crazy” and what is biggest concerns were when making the daring choice.

He acknowledged that many fans may have been surprised by the choice to add female dancers into the choreography, which was revealed when the official choreography video was released.

It was his first time in his career having a stage where he dances with female dancers.

Specifically, the couple choreography gained attention.

Jimin acknowledged that though he has danced with a mannequin before while performing “Filter.”

O course, in the eyes of fans, it’s very different than dancing with a real person!

He warned fans that they might find it “a little uncomfortable.” However, the purpose is to make the stage the best it can be.

It’s just to make the performance look good. I hope you can kindly understand.

— Jimin

He knows ARMYs are sweet and kind and would accept his bold decision!

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