Jimin Is The Star Student Of BTS’s Hilarious Flying Yoga Lesson

On a scale of Jimin to Suga, how much are you struggling? 🤣

On a recent episode of Run BTS!, the BTS members were in over their heads when they tried out flying yoga for the first time!

Right from the start, even stretching proved to be a difficult task for the boys. However, there was one member who aced it!

It didn’t take long for Jimin to become one of the star students. His flexibility helped him achieve all kinds of poses and made everything look easy.

Jimin did his best to help the others and successfully left them in awe of his crazy skills!

Hey, Jimin, are you siting on something?

— J-Hope

The camera hilariously panned from struggling members like RM to comfortable Jimin who was completely at ease! The stark difference between the two left every ARMY cracking up.

In the end, the members agreed that Jimin’s photos will be the only ones good enough to post on social media and even considered editing their own faces onto his!

Good work, Jimin!

Check out more from the episode below.

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