BTS’s Jimin Gets Flustered By An Unexpected Comment By The Host On “Leemujin Service”

“He let his intrusive thoughts win.”

BTS‘sย Jimin is notoriously known for his insane flirting powers. People seem to get flustered, even if he is just looking at them.

Exhibit A: Jimin making a professional camerawoman shy by just staring into the lens.

Exhibit B: A random group of men doing a double-take when Jimin walks past them.

So, it’s fair to say that he knows how to get people flustered while doing the bare minimum. But what does it take for someone to make Jimin all flabbergasted? Singerย Lee Mujin seems to have figured out the formula.

Lee Mujin with Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

Jimin appeared as a guest on theย Leemujin Showย on April 1. While talking about the BTS member’s new album, host Lee Mujin said he was very impressed when he saw the “Set Me Free Pt 2” music video, and Jimin’s powerful walk during the choreography was one of the highlights for him. He asked Jimin if he had practiced that walk, to which the singer said yes.

Lee Mujin then said he felt like a fan watching the video and suddenly admitted that the music video had him calling Jimin “oppa” out loud in his empty room.

Jimin, who was endeared by Lee’s reaction, was left spellbound in a split second when he blurted out “oppa”ย while looking at his face.

Fans are thoroughly relishing this moment, for both the facts that Jimin was, for once, at the other side of the table and that Lee Mujin just proved how real “the Jimin effect” is.



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