BTS’s Jimin Gets Raw About Solo Career And His Ambitions As A Performer

“…until the day we all meet again.”

Ahead of its April issue release, where BTS‘s Jimin is slated to grace the covers, Vogue Korea released an exclusive interview with the singer on March 16. Jimin spoke about everything, from his new brand endorsements to working with his idol Taeyang from BIGBANG, his upcoming solo album, and his relationship with ARMYs.

While on the topic of his solo music, the singer talked about how he strives to grow as an artist. Jimin is undoubtedly one of the most captivating performers in the K-Pop industry, if not the global music scene altogether. His unique vocal color and unmatched grace while dancing mesmerize audiences every time he goes on stage.

Jimin at the 2019 MMA, performing BTS’s “Idol” | Twitter

In this new interview, Jimin reflected on his ambitious tendencies as a pop star. He loves to work hard on both his dance and singing, and as an artist, he also likes to challenge himself to expand his range. But none of this comes at the cost of his healthy boundaries.

As a pop artist, I want to excel at both dancing and singing. I also want to perform a diverse range of musical genres and themes instead of sticking to just one type. Of course, I’ve learned over the years that it’s neither healthy nor productive to push myself to be perfect in everything. I want to show my fans only the best, but I also have to take a healthy, sustainable approach.

—Jimin, Vogue Korea

He then talked about the members working as solo artists, the milestone decision that started BTS’s chapter 2. Jimin is excited to see his groupmates find their calling and explore their creative instincts independently. But he confessed that he feels scared and anxious about this new journey as well.

During his moments of doubt, however, he finds comfort in watching his members follow their own paths. It gives him the strength to chase his own goals, to grow, and come back as an even better version of himself for when the seven are together again.

Now that we’ve set sail separately on these new adventures, I can’t help but feel anxious and terrified from time to time. In those moments, I think of my fellow group members and try to find strength in them. Seeing the other BTS members find their calling and try to develop themselves further, I naturally feel inspired and motivated to achieve my own goals as well, until the day we all meet again.

—Jimin, Vogue Korea