BTS’s Jimin Prepared The Most Gorgeous And Thoughtful Gifts For Fans Who Came To Watch Him Perform At “Music Bank”

They were not cheap either!

BTS is known for treating their fans just as well as fans treat them. During the group’s last promotion in June 2022, they gifted fans flowers, lip balm, hand cream, cookies, coffee, and more.

BTS gave ARMY customized lip balm and hand cream. | @_golden_gate/Twitter

This time, with Jimin‘s solo promotions for FACE, he spared no expense either. He prepared a coffee truck with iced tea for fans to quench their thirst.

Each bottle had his album’s logo on it.

It was the perfect refresher for fans who queued at the venue for hours. Fans had come in the evening, so he prepared tea instead of coffee. Iced tea has less caffeine! Jimin also made sure to convey his thoughts with the sweet messages, “Drenched with my love for ARMY all night…” and “#Jiminnie’s tea time. #Today’s menu is Iced Tea.

Truck with Jimin’s messages. | theqoo

Not only did he provide drinks, he also gave ARMY thoughtful gifts.

| theqoo

This hand cream gift set from Niccier costs ₩53,000 KRW (about $40.90 USD).

| theqoo

It is a premium hand cream with a designer scent.

Niccier gift set. | Niccier

He also prepared another gift of a resin pressed-flower ornament…

| theqoo

…and a hand-drawn pop socket.

| theqoo

The ARMYs who made it to the recording were delighted and touched. Everyone else could only watch on in envy!

Netizen reactions to the gifts. | theqoo
  • “I’m so green with envy.”
  • “Jimin is so warm.”
  • “Jimin are you an angel?”
  • “Wow, he’s an angel. How warm. Why are there so many gifts?”
  • “It was in the evening, so he provided iced tea. How detailed of Jimin.”
  • “So sweet.”

The best boy ever!

Source: theqoo


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