BTS’s Jimin Expresses His “Guilt” Toward ARMY

He wants to be better for them.

BTS‘s Jimin feels guilty…


In an interview with Weverse Magazine following the release of BTS’s anthology album Proof, Jimin revealed his personal struggles during the past couple of years, the direction in which he wants to take his solo music, wanting to show a more mature and “explicit” side of himself, his experience collaborating with IRL best friend Ha Sung Woon, and what it means to him to be an idol.

I’m still an idol. Idol is an accurate description. The word ‘idol’ means something different to everyone, plus I think Koreans see it in an entirely different way, but anyway, you’re right to say that’s where I started. To be honest, I can do the things I do individually, even now, because of being in BTS, and I don’t think that’s going to change since I got my start as an idol.

— Jimin talking about his lyrics in Agust D (Suga) and his collaboration track “Tony Montana”

You used to curse me, I’m major / I’m an idol by nature.

— Jimin in “Tony Montana”

Interviewer Myungseok Kang asked Jimin what exactly he wanted to do for his fans as an idol.

What do you want to do for ARMY as an idol? You’re expressing your feelings in ‘For Youth’ off Proof when you sing, ‘Will you give me your hand? I’ll get up over and over.’

— Myungseok Kang

Jimin would like to keep bettering himself for ARMY. Whether it is through music or more, he wants to be “cooler.”

Just being cooler—with good songs, good music videos and good performances. I think that’s the best way to stay faithful to my calling and the way I can pay them back the most.

— Jimin

Through that, he believes that he can be “faithful” as an idol. Jimin revealed that he has actually struggled with guilt due to their last tour being canceled because of the pandemic.

I felt sort of guilty the past two years. After that first day of the LA concert, I felt like I had been wronging the fans this whole time somehow since our concerts kept getting canceled.

— Jimin

| Weverse

Jimin couldn’t help but worry that ARMYs would lose interest in BTS as a result. Yet, so many waited patiently for them.

I felt like maybe they started to lose their passion during all that time since they couldn’t see us, but they had been waiting unconditionally, so I really started to ask myself what I had been doing that whole time. We sang ‘Permission to Dance’ and greeted ARMY at the concert but it was weird how emotional it felt despite the song being so upbeat.

— Jimin

While some view K-Pop idols as “perfect,” hence the title, they are still individuals with feelings. So, Myungseok Kang commented, “You’re still an idol and still have those feelings, but at the same time you’ve become well-respected among many artists.” Despite Jimin being part of the biggest band in the world and respected among his peers, he still feels that he can be better.

I’m really grateful for everything ARMY says, but not entirely satisfied with myself yet. Nothing would make me happier than having this much self-satisfaction, but I don’t, and I struggle with that. I guess that’s why, even though I really want to be better, I was avoiding the fact that to change in that way I would have to be more consistent in what I do—but I forced myself to bury those thoughts by telling myself maybe I was already good enough. But now, I want to be even better. I want to be better, and cooler. I changed.

— Jimin

Myungseok Kang recognized that BTS’s emotional new song “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” must have really hit close to home. Jimin confirmed, sharing that he is excited to see who he will become in the future.

Myungseok Kang: You must have had a lot of thoughts like that coming to you when you were singing “Yet To Come.”

Jimin: So now I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to knowing who I’ll become and how much better I’m going to be able to perform.

We love Jimin at every stage of his life, but he consistently sees room for improvement in himself. He shared similar sentiments in a Weverse post recently. Read it below:

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Source: Weverse Magazine

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