Besties BTS’s Jimin And Ha Sungwoon Just Put Their Friendship To The Test While On A Phone Call

Jimin’s answers… 🤣

Besties BTS‘s Jimin and Ha Sungwoon recently put their friendship to the test during a phone call on Kiss the Radio. In order to avoid the penalty, Sungwoon was tasked with calling a friend who can answer questions about him correctly, so he immediately chose his BFF Jimin…but things didn’t go according to plan!

(Left to Right) BTS’s Jimin and Ha Sungwoon

The first question was about Sungwoon’s height, and like a true friend, Jimin couldn’t help to take the opportunity and make a joke about Sungwoon’s adorable small stature!

Sungwoon: Is my height 169 cm or 170 cm?

Jimin: Well… isn’t it closer to 142 cm?

Next, Jimin correctly answered a question that everyone should know about their own friend.

Sungwoon: When is my birthday?

Jimin: Ah, isn’t it March 22nd?

Then, he failed to correctly answer Sungwoon’s birthplace. Sungwoon was actually born in Goyang!

Sungwoon: Where was I born?

Jimin: Weren’t you born on Jeju island?

By this point, it’s quite clear that Jimin was trolling Sungwoon with his hilarious answers!

Sungwoon: Which of my songs can be played on the guitar?

Jimin: Hmm… isn’t that ‘Dynamite?’

Jimin failed to answer the remaining questions correctly, but it seems he had a reason.

Sungwoon: Do you remember the first video you showed me because it had a lot of views?

Jimin: I don’t think I remember that.

Thinking of Sungwoon’s fans, Jimin knew his punishment of doing a sexy dance was worth it for him to throw the quiz. Thanks, Jimin!

Check out the hilarious phone call below.