Hanbok Designer Releases Official Statement About Cancelling The Auction Of BTS Jimin’s Hanbok

He revealed why the auction was canceled and explained his actions.

Hanbok designer Kim Rieul recently released an official statement to address the canceled auction of a modern hanbok that BTS‘s Jimin wore. Originally, over a week ago, the designer was criticized for selling the garment with the description that Jimin’s body odor would be intact.

Kim Rieul | @rieul.kim/Instagram

The outfit in question, a gorgeous traditional hanbok, was lent to Jimin for his performance on The Tonight Show. However, due to rushed schedules, the styling team did not manage to dry clean the outfit before returning it to the atelier. It was explained by the designer in a short documentary on VIDEOMUG.

This outfit is touched and worn by Jimin. I didn’t even wash it… These are the clothes that still keep Jimin’s sweat and fragrance of that day.

­— Kim Rieul

Jimin’s “The Tonight Show” hanbok on display.

In the statement posted on his Instagram, Kim Rieul revealed that the auction was canceled due to HYBE‘s request as well as other factors, including protests from fans.

He continued to explain the situation in an Instagram story.

As a citizen of South Korea, I felt great pride witnessing BTS making our country known throughout the world.

Additionally, as a designer for the past 6 years, I have created over 300 pieces of hanbok. These were made for anyone who wished to represent Korea, whether they were famous or not. I made each piece paying for all of the costs out of my own pocket and not being paid in return.

I wanted to participate in the recent auction considering how recently, the Chinese have been arguing that the hanbok belonged to them. Around the same time, one of Korea’s most representative fine art auctions, My Art Auction, provided me with a good opportunity. I hoped that this event would be meaningful in more ways than just the simple act of auctioning a hanbok.

Unfortunately, the auction has been cancelled. However, I promise to continue to be of service to you all with good hanbok designs in the future.

—Kim Rieul

Source: theqoo, @rieul.kim/Instagram and Dispatch