Jimin’s Hottest Moment At BTS’s Concert…That Nobody Got To See 

“PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” just got even better.

BTS‘s latest online concert, PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE, had many memorable moments, including one that nobody at home got to see.


Jimin has been making headlines for his incredible performances and his gorgeous stage outfits.

| @Gojos_wife/Twitter

In particular, this one-button blazer, worn for “Black Swan,” had fans ready to risk it all…

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…for obvious reasons.

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Jimin’s button was the last man standing between ARMY and total chaos. That said, some fans are wishing it wasn’t so good at its job!

The odds were stacked against it, but Jimin’s button soldiered on and stopped his blazer from blowing up like “Dynamite.” At the very end of the performance, however, Jimin gave his button permission to give up.

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As he walked off stage, Jimin unbuttoned his blazer like a total boss. Unfortunately, the cameras missed out on that moment!

Will we ever recover from this?

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