BTS’s Jimin Has The Funniest And Most Unexpected Reaction To J-Hope’s Interactions With Becky G At “Lollapalooza”

Jimin’s reactions couldn’t have been more different from J-Hope!

BTS‘s Jimin is one of the biggest stars in the world and has met some of the hugest celebrities in the industry. Yet, like the other members, Jimin can sometimes seem shy and it showcases that BTS are still just normal people.

Recently, Jimin gained attention for his hilarious reaction to meeting one of J-Hope‘s friends at an event.

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/Twitter

On February 17, J-Hope’s new documentary J-Hope In The Box was released on Weverse and Disney+.

The poster for J-Hope’s documentary | Disney+

During the documentary, netizens couldn’t hide their love at seeing the huge number of interactions between Jimin and J-Hope, especially when it came to the content about Lollapalooza.

They even spoke about it during J-Hope’s birthday broadcast…

BTS’s Jimin joined J-Hope’s birthday broadcast | BTS/Weverse

Yet, one moment has captured the hearts of netizens worldwide, and it involves an interaction between the two members and Becky G.

Becky G | Iambeckyg/Instagram

Of course, netizens love the friendship between Becky G and J-Hope, as the two collaborated on the epic track “Chicken Noodle Soup.” In particular, she even joined the BTS member on stage for his Lollapalooza performance.

Becky G joined J-Hope at Lollapalooza | BANGTANTV/YouTube

| BANGTANTV/YouTube   

In the documentary, one of the clips showed Becky G coming to the dressing room to greet J-Hope. Of course, the two seemed like old friends as they shared a hug ahead of the performance.

Yet, what netizens loved was Jimin’s reactions to the interactions. While Becky G waved at him as she entered the room…

Jimin just stood shyly in the corner of the room, watching what was happening. At one point, he seemingly turned his head as if he was scared that he was eavesdropping on a private conversation between two musicians.

Jimin then made netizens LOL more when he started dancing along and then put his shades on while watching J-Hope and Becky G.

As the conversation came to a close, Jimin stayed intently looking at the two artists. He even radiated security vibes as he stood strongly with his sunglasses on, nodding along in agreement to the conversation.

When the clips were posted, although they became a hot topic on the Korean forum theqoo, the videos also went viral amongst international ARMYs. In particular, netizens loved how shy Jimin seemed when greeting Becky G, particularly compared to J-Hope.

Of course, considering that J-Hope has worked closely with Becky G in the past, it isn’t surprising that he felt more comfortable around the singer. Yet, Jimin’s reaction was wholesome as he watched his older member greet the singer and seemed quite shy.

You can read more from the documentary below.

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Source: theqoo