Jimin And J-Hope Hold The Fate Of BTS In Their Hands…Literally

Their phones are gold mines of meme-worthy memories.

After seven incredible years together, BTS has plenty of memories…and blackmail material?

In a new interview with iHeartRadio, the members talked about their trainee days, their music, group chat, and more. Things took a turn for the hilarious when RM asked, “Which member’s funniest photos do you have the most in your phone?” 

Jimin and J-Hope‘s phones are gold mines for top-secret funny photos.

“If my phone is revealed to the public, all of you will be done,” Jimin said, then pointed to J-Hope. “but he has much more than me.” 

“Let’s just say if he lost his phone, the person who picks it up…” Jimin trailed off, leaving us all to wonder what undiscovered treasures are in J-Hope’s Samsung Galaxy (or iPhone?).

This dynamic duo holds BTS’s fate in their hands, but their meme-able memories are (probably) safe. After all, why would Jimin reveal his camera roll when most of those photos are of him and RM?

Watch the video here: