BTS Dropped Fact Bombs On Each Other — Try Not To Laugh

They fact-bombed each other without holding back.

Nobody knows BTS better than the members themselves!

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

At the iHeartRadio Festival, the members sat down for a fun interview where they answered questions about their music and each other. When asked to describe RM with one word, Jin didn’t hold back. He said, “Genius and worst dancer.” 

After thanking his hyung for this sort-of compliment, RM moved on to V…who shot Jin down faster than you can say, “Worldwide Handsome”! “Most worst dancer,” he said jokingly.

Oh yeah, nice, good,” Jin replied, taking it in stride.

Things took a turn for the adorable when Jimin described Suga as “baby” with a voice full of cuteness…

…and Jungkook summed up J-Hope perfectly. “Just light,” he said.

BTS then described the stage as “dynamite”, “lit”, and “dope“, and ARMY as “BTS equals ARMY“.

Watch the video here: