BTS Jimin And J-Hope Give Hefty Donations To Children Affected By The Earthquakes In Turkey And Syria

They never cease to spread love and hope.

On February 15, UNICEF Korea announced that BTS‘s Jimin and J-Hope had each donated ₩100 million KRW (about $78,600 USD) to children affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

This is not the first time BTS members have been charitable. Donating to several causes across the globe since 2018, J-Hope is known to be a “donation angel” who takes action when disasters occur in Korea or in other parts of the world.

J-Hope | LOVE MYSELF Official Website

Jimin also has a record of continuously supporting the underprivileged by donating funds to local and global organizations who need it.

Jimin | LOVE MYSELF Official Website

J-Hope stated, “I hope this can give help and hope to the children who are suffering from the sudden earthquake,” and Jimin said, “I hope it will be of help to children affected by the earthquake.”

The secretary general of UNICEF Korea, Lee Ki Chul, had once thanked BTS members for their impact in the world. He quoted the words of a senior diplomat who once said: “South Korea has made two major achievements in the last 60 years. The first one was its democracy and economic development, and the second one was producing BTS.”

BTS Members | LOVE MYSELF Official Website

With the message “LOVE MYSELF” as part of the LOVE MYSELF campaign with UNICEF, BTS continue to spread love, hope and positive influence to the world.

Source: LOVE MYSELF and SBS News