An ARMY Shares The Story Of How BTS J-Hope’s Donation Is Helping Save A Child’s Life

He is really “hope” personified.

BTS member J-Hope is well recognized for his philanthropy; he has donated millions to support different causes. But it’s rare for the public to see how those donations impact the cause. However, an ARMY recently got to witness J-Hope’s donations being put to use for a life-saving purpose.

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The BTS fan shared the story on a Korean blogging forum, theqoo. A friend of the OP (original poster) works at a child welfare organization where J-Hope’s donation was being used to cover the cost of a kid’s surgery. Apparently, the procedure could have cost the family millions of won otherwise.

| theqoo

I am really excited for our Hobi’s Rocking Eve performance. In New York it’ll be the end of the year but for us the performance will be an amazing new year’s gift. I’m not worried about Hobi..We’re the ones who are nervous ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

Yesterday I got a call from a friend working for a child welfare organization and heard that the cost of a kid’s surgery was to be covered with our hobi’s donation ㅠㅠㅠ The surgery costing millions of won (thousands of dollars) must have been concerning to the family in need, but the kid got to have the surgery thanks to our Hobi’s donation. Whenever I heard the news of Hobi’s donation, I’ve been touched, but when I found out that it’s being used somewhere close to me, where it is really needed, I felt very relieved and thankful. I felt proud to be hobi’s fan.

I thought a lot if I should share the story or not since it’s difficult for me to prove it ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ But I still wanted to let you know that our Hobi’s donation was an immense help to a suffering child.

Angel and sunshine Jung Hoseok, I love you.

—OP’s post on theqoo

Fans are touched to see that J-Hope could make a hopeful contribution to a child’s life like this, and they wished for a good life for the kid.

| theqoo

Most of the donations made by J-Hope, as well as the other BTS members, are presumably kept private. Still, the ones made public, usually by the organizations themselves, show that the dance leader of BTS has been donating to several causes across the globe since 2018. The charities he has contributed to include an organization that helped children affected by violence in Tanzia, an institution that supports less fortunate children with their medical needs, and an organization that helped flood victims in the central region of Korea.

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