BTS’s Jimin And J-Hope Challenge Themselves To A Spooky Forest “Fear Test” On “In The SOOP”

They’re so brave!

BTS‘s Jimin and J-Hope decided to up In the SOOP’s spookiness by taking a late-night walk through the forest!

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Jimin (right) | @hoyasrespect/Twitter

On the latest episode of BTS In the SOOP 2, Jimin and J-Hope had a whiskey and video game party with Suga while the other members were asleep.

| BTS/Weverse

Suga went to bed before Jimin and J-Hope did. After playing video games for a few hours, the two BTS members decided to embark on a real-life adventure. Jimin challenged J-Hope to walk to the edge of the In the SOOP filming location with him in the dark.

The challenge had a scary start when their candle suddenly went out, but they had matches with them to relight it.

As they walked, Jimin explained that there were four abandoned buildings behind the houses they were using for filming.

When they made it to the buildings, they started the fear test by the light of their single candle and a flashlight. Jimin said his goal was to make it to the second building because the lights were on in the first building.

J-Hope bravely suggested that they visit all four of the abandoned buildings since they’d walked all the way to them.

They went into the second building together. It was too dark for them to even see anything, so they headed off to the third building.

J-Hope had quite a scare on the way to the third building! Fortunately, the thing that alarmed him was just a camera and not a spooky forest ghost.

Although Jimin and J-Hope had fun with the members in the forest during the daytime, the forest had a totally different vibe at night. As J-Hope said “it’s too dark,” there was a hint of fear in his voice. We definitely would have been scared, too!

As they walked to the third building, Jimin pointed out that they were so far from their houses that they couldn’t even see them. He suggested that they keep walking without the light of the flashlight, and J-Hope agreed because “this is how a fear test goes.”

Jimin then suggested that they enter the third building alone, and J-Hope agreed with him again! J-Hope added that they should sing the Korean national anthem in the building, and Jimin said they should also go up to the second floor of the building.

The two quickly changed their minds when they made it to the third building though! The building was totally dark, and they didn’t see any lights inside, so they decided to enter it together.

As they got closer to the third building, J-Hope promptly said, “This ain’t it.” He asked Jimin if exploring this abandoned building was a good idea.

When they finally made it to the third building, the door was open. This was super terrifying since the building was totally abandoned.

J-Hope entered the building first, and the cameraman closed the door after Jimin walked inside. J-Hope was startled, but Jimin reassured him that everything was okay. Then, they continued their exploration of the abandoned building.

The abandoned building turned out to be an abandoned house. While inside, Jimin and J-Hope came across an old TV and an old radio. Thankfully, neither of these devices mysteriously turned on while they were inside!

Once they made it to the second floor, Jimin screamed loudly, which scared J-Hope! Jimin started laughing after J-Hope yelled in surprise because his prank had worked.

J-Hope was startled by a camera on his way out of the abandoned house, and he ended the fear test right then because he was too scared to go on.

Although they didn’t explore all four buildings, both Jimin and J-Hope proved how brave they are during this fear test!